Future Focus – City of Manchester stadium 09/06/2009

My first foray into the world of business and what an excellent one it was.   This one day conference brought by IBM and the Telegraph business club offered an insight into future economic realities, communications and technology, all of which I think hold relevancy in the strength and conditioning industry.   Presenters included Richard Farleigh of dragons den fame and Euan Semple a leading advisor on social computing for the business world, both of whom I was very impressed by.

Social media was probably the predominant discussion topic and the its’ benefits to business were highlighted by the majority of speakers.   This led me to some research, I’m a regular Facebook and Twitter (follow me at nwconditioning) user, but I found limited evidence to suggest this is common in the UK S+C community.   The UKSCA has a Facebook page but activity on there is limited, basically restricted to being an extension of the website.

The idea of real time learning was put forward as being a major benefit of social media and it is one coaches could really benefit from.   Instead of trawling numerous journals looking for a particular piece of info, by posting to a coaches network someone who may be particularly strong in one field may be able to point you more easily in the right direction.  I’m not for one minute suggesting that this should replace the need for coaches to read the literature for themselves, in the interest of evidence based practice this should always be the case.  It could though make the process of searching for that one piece of information we know we read somewhere but can’t quite remember where that little bit easier.   Either that or a little more work on short term memory is required.

Neil Welch

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