Christmas commitment

Having engaged in the usual Christmas day indulgence I’m sure many of you, myself included, awoke this morning feeling a little guilty. I managed to get out for a run to try and alleviate the guilt but I wasn’t breaking any records. Think now about those who have to compete this boxing day.

In both South Africa and Australia, cricket internationals are taking place. Test cricket requires a massive amount of psychological focus and even though the players will have spent the day with families, one eye would’ve been on today’s match. Add to this being away from home for the time surrounding Christmas and it makes for a fairly stressful period. Obviously the players are well remunerated for this but the mental side is something that shouldn’t be underestimated.

For those athletes in preseason training it’s possible to be a little more “festive”, and with some clever designing and use of a transition period it’s possible to attain a little normality this time of year. Whichever situation you’re in though I hope the festive period is relaxing, productive and successful and the new year proves prosperous.

Neil Welch

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