Strength and Conditioning for Golf

There are many people who believe that you don’t need to do any fitness training to play golf, all you do is stand still, hit a ball and walk to the next tee…Right….Wrong. The age of Tiger has come upon golf and showed the masses that a strong and well conditioned athlete can sweep the board and dominate the sport.

Golf is the most successful and highly supported team that I coach at Bournemouth University and as a Titleist Performance Institute (T.P.I.) Certified Golf Fitness Instructor I put more time into working with them to ensure that they stay on top. Our top nine has an average handicap of 0 and is made of some very dedicated players.

There are many exercises in my programme that people may not expect to see, we do Hang Cleans, Squats and Deadlift variations because I believe these fundamental lifts should be in any sports programme to create a rounded athlete. We also do a large amount of mobility, stability and balance work, which is vital for a consistent Golf swing and preventing injuries due to poor form.

The programme starts with a Golf specific movement screen taken from T.P.I. This will show up problem areas, such as poor external shoulder rotation or pelvic stability, which could lead to a number of swing faults, many of which could not be rectified with Golf specific coaching alone; The athlete simply may not be able to do what the golf pro is telling them to due to weakness or instability. This would make the lessons pointless and slow the development of the Golfer.

The screening results are used to directly create a programme for that golfer, it is designed to address their specific issues and to also increase their general strength and power production capabilities. When combined the individual will now be functionally strong and have the right mix of stability and mobility to be able to perform consistent swings and long drives, they can then work with their golf coach in the confidence that they have fewer physical limitations holding them back.

Russell Jolley

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