Olympics excitement growing

So, 2 years to go. Everything, maybe a little worryingly, appears to be on track. The facilities look incredible and all the building works are ahead of schedule, that’s never been an issue though. The real work comes in convincing the British public that the games are a worthy expenditure and something they should get excited about. Not an issue for me, the press coverage for the 2 year countdown did the trick, I got my ass into gear and registered for tickets yesterday. I think I ticked every event on the list bar equestrian (not a horse person) and got excited just thinking about being there.

From what I hear regarding the amount of people who have registered for tickets and the volunteer spaces the rest of the British public seems to be catching the bug too. It’s an incredible opportunity for some of the smaller sports to get some real exposure and for the public to experience what elite sporting competition in those sports is like at first hand. As a result I hope that participation in all those sports explodes, hopefully Olympians will be the new celebrities and children will see them as role models rather than reality TV stars and footballers wives.

It’s a chance to get kids back into sport in a big way and I expect to see plenty of coverage in the media over the next 2 years of the British athletes and their background stories. They should show the commitment and dedication it takes to be an elite sportsperson and the support structures in place to help them get there. Get it right and the benefits from this could be huge; better public health being the most striking…and a further growth in S&C in the UK would be a nice little side effect too!

Neil Welch

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