This week I have been mostly thinking about…coaching

Someone asked me this week if I could coach any athlete in the world, from any time, who would I coach (a good one to think about yourselves actually), instantly the head starts to buzz with ideas about the greatest athletes in the world; Roger Banister, Tiger Woods, Jonah Lomu, Michael Schumacher but then I thought to myself why would that be my choice? To be associated with a sporting great, to contribute to a world record, to travel the world. The more I thought the more it eventually whittled down that picking someone like that would be pretty much for notoriety, to show off that I’m coaching a star. Pretty poor reasoning I thought.

Then I thought about the athletes I currently coach, many of them young athletes and I think about the steps and progress they’ve made (and I like to the think the S&C support has had some say there alongside technical improvement!). I thought about the coaching I’ve had to do in order to get some of those improvements and how my coaching has developed over the years as each athlete I work with has presented different challenges that have had to be identified and overcome.

The big names I mentioned at the beginning would all be pretty technically efficient and from a coaching point of view, potentially less interesting and challenging than any one of the athletes I’ve coached to date. I enjoy coaching because there’s nothing better than helping someone to get better at something they enjoy doing whoever that may be.

That said….it would be pretty sweet to have coached Pele!

Neil Welch

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