This week I have been mostly thinking about…motivation

As I look out of the window at a pretty miserable day, it’s easy to see how at this time of year training could become a little more of a chore and motivation to get out to the gym, track or field could start to waiver. The will to train is massively important to get the quality out of sessions, even to do the sessions at all, particularly for those entering preseason for summer competitions.

Picking (or building) the right training environment to maximise that motivation is vital, don’t underestimate the effect some draft excluders, some heating, indeed a roof that doesn’t leak in some cases can have on that. In the past, these have all been issues and while all the lifting kit I want is to hand, it’s no use if you don’t want to take your hands out of your pockets in order to lift it!

This is also the time of year that the weather can start to have a major effect on conditioning sessions you may usually take outside. Pitches become waterlogged and roads/pavements/tracks become covered in leaves or frozen. Having a backup plan is always a good idea particularly if some very angry weather looks as though it may drop just before your session and there’s an incredibly protective groundsman on the prowl.

Neil Welch

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