This week I have been mostly thinking about…time

I was reading some New Scientist this week, I quite enjoy reading about quantum physics (I wonder how many physicists do the reverse?). After the following inevitable thoughts about my insignificance in the universe and the brief bout of depression that surrounds it, it led me to start thinking about time. I thought about how valuable it is, how addictive it is and how individual it is.

We know how valuable a tenth of a second is when an athlete competes, how valuable a day can be during recovery, how valuable a couple of weeks can be for another block of training and how valuable an extra couple of years in a training history is. The length of time doesn’t determine it’s value though, you don’t pay by the slice. All time is valuable.

Time is addictive. No matter how much time we have or we are given, we always want more, we always need more. We are often in competition for that extra time with others. Time is infinite. It is also very definitely finite. Because we are not always sure of how much time we will given, we have to make full use of that time. We already know how valuable it is, we don’t want to waste any do we?

Time is individual. One person’s perception of how much time they need, of how much time they have and of the best uses of that time are very often different to the views of another person. You can’t always agree to disagree. It takes time to argue your case and we all know how valuable time is.

It is impossible to create time but it is possible to maximise and make the most of your time. It requires practice, education and trial and error. Above all you need time. Told you it was addictive.

Neil Welch

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