Competition time

It’s kind of strange that with the weather starting to warm up over the last week or 2 that I’m spending most of my time on or around snow. After 2 weeks in France on holiday with my skis and snowboards (where it was actually warmer than in England, cue the face tan), I’m heading to Meribel this week to catch the British ski Championships and see how a number of the athletes I work with get on in the competition.

I enjoy watching sport live and often it’s not until you do that you can fully appreciate it’s demands and the skills and abilities of the athletes that compete. You always learn a lot through observation and how athlete’s react to certain situations can be useful when it comes to coaching. Sport is always more enjoyable when you have some vested interest and I can assure that my voice will be heard on the hill shouting for those I’m working with out of the start gate.

It is also going to be an opportunity to meet with technical coaches, other support staff, athletes and parents to review the season so far and start to plan the pre-season schedule, aims and objectives. It’s not very often that everyone is able to be in the same place at the same time so making the most of that time is important, hence why I won’t, unfortunately, have my skis with me on this occasion.

Neil Welch

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