How good is goal setting

I know it’s important but i find goal setting can be a bit of a chore. Long and short term goals, process and outcome goals, coaching, training and business goals, goal evaluation…it’s a lot to think about and to structure, and, to be honest it isn’t particularly exciting for me. I think that can be to do with not only the time it takes to do but to work through the goals.

No matter how many short term goals you put in along the way, you’ve always got that big one, the long termer sat off in the distance somewhere that you’re focused on ¬†and can’t get out of your mind. It always seems a long way off and sometimes you question how worthwhile it is. Short term goals are like reaching Everest basecamp (I imagine, I’ve not actually been there myself but I’m trying to make a point) then looking up to see the summit and thinking that actually there’s still quite a lot of climbing to go.

However, when you get there it’s pretty special. I’m closing in on a big one at the moment and can feel the excitement a couple of weeks out from it after nearly 2 years in the making and looking back can see how all those smaller goals along the way have gotten me here. I guess in summary: Goal setting – bit of a faff, but definitely worth it.

Neil Welch

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