Secrets to England’s cricketing success

After another demolition of India this weekend, England’s cricket team are now the number 1 test team in the world. How have they done it? What’s the secret to their success, that silver bullet that perhaps we can apply to our athletes? I’ve been doing some deep thinking, research and analysis and I think I have it. Over the next few paragraphs I’m going to divulge those secrets. For only £25 you too can learn the secrets to success….ok, that bit’s a joke unless you do want actually want to pay, then please get in touch.

Now I’m sure a lot of commentators and writers will talk about the cyclical nature of the sport and the dissipation of a great Australian team and the coming to an end of a very good Indian team. Those though are external factors not under the control of the England team, I’m going to concentrate on things they have done themselves. So timing of development, for me, isn’t the secret of their success.

One thing the England team does do is work very hard. On all aspects of their game. Their fielding, batting, bowling, psychological skills and their conditioning. They work hard at all of them. Secret 1 is hard work.

The other thing the England team does is that they work hard over a long period of time, they do it consistently. Not just for a couple of weeks or a single series. They work hard, consistently. Secret 2 is consistency.

There we have it. Apologies if it’s not what you wanted to hear or you were expecting a quick and easy solution to make it to the top. There isn’t one. For coaches, athletes or anyone who wants to get better at something, your silver bullet solution is consistent hard work.

Neil Welch

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