It’s all connected

On the tenuous strength and conditioning link line of thinking again, this week I went along to the royal observatory in Greenwich. Now, having previously posted a somewhat abstract blog about time, I have to look elsewhere. So then, space it is.

One of the exhibits at the royal observatory was the planetarium, it was basically a tour of the universe (a very small part of it iI guess) showing you around some constellations, the solar system and some highlights of deep space. Apart from a nagging feeling of how inconsequential and small we all are, something else stood out to me. N.B. Incidentally, if you are prone to bouts of depression, perhaps avoiding the planetarium and maybe physics in general is a good idea.

The interaction between the very big and the very small is what stood out though. The gravitational forces at play. Moons orbiting planets, planets orbiting around stars and stars around galaxy centres but also electrons around nucleii in atoms. It’s all connected. It’s exactly the same thing in the human body. We strive to know the interactions and how certain things impact upon each other. A lack of flexibility in the big toe for example completely alters running efficiency, the muscles that become active and dominant, the direction of ground reaction forces and the torques placed on joints. The better we understand those connections, the biomechanics, and use them, them better we do by our athletes.


Neil Welch

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