Sowing strength and conditioning seeds

I recently had some time to use (not to kill, who wants to kill time!?!) between sessions south of London. Inspired by a Ben Goldacre blog on nerd days out, I decided to check out what was in the area (http://www.nerdydaytrips.com/) and headed to the millennium seed bank at Wakehurst kew gardens. Despite not being into plants, gardens or gardening I enjoyed the few hours I spent there and was impressed by the seed bank project.

Basically, they collect seeds from around the world and store them incase of biblical floods to preserve a record of as many plant

Person looking at small stuff

species that currently exist as possible. They research different ways of storing and germinating seeds and share that research with the world. They have examples of how some discoveries have helped progress medicine and their labs all have windows so you can see the scientists at work (ok, it’s not that exciting looking at someone staring down a microscope but the sentiment is there). It got me thinking, is there any way I can possibly link what I saw to strength and conditioning and get a blog out of it? I think there is.

There is so much knowledge in S&C that could be shared in order to better help and inform other areas. I know ‘tactical’ strength and conditioning is big in the US helping police, fire departments and the military, are we as good at that over here? Why stop at those professions? Manual labourers, office workers and farmers would all benefit from education on core function and training, the occupational health officers around the country should have our help. We all bitch about our young athletes not doing enough in schools, do we offer to help the teaching profession? How many PGCE PE courses have S&C input? By doing this we help ourselves, more jobs in the field to be filled by the growing numbers of coaches/researchers. These are questions I don’t know the answers to but are certainly area for growing the field over here.

Tenuous link? Perhaps. Valid point, I hope so. Even more tenuous/tedious links to S&C in the coming weeks? Definitely.


Neil Welch

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