World cup, wrong focus

That was a pretty disappointing weekend. With vested interests in both England and Ireland, my early start on Saturday didn’t quite go to plan. No complaints though, the Ireland vs Wales match was a great watch and the winners of both games were thoroughly deserved.

I’ve been annoyed throughout the whole competition really about the coverage and stories coming from the England camp and am sure that they were very much blown out of proportion given the need to fill column inches and minutes on 24 hour news channels. I understand the need to relax and unwind between games and the England management, I think, were right to give the players a little free reign to decide how to do that.

I’d have preferred to see more attention on why the management and players didn’t know who the majority the starting XV were. Why was no consistency in selection between the autumn internationals, 6 nations and world cup apparent? Why were they using untested combinations and players out of position in the quarter final of the world cup? Why can’t England clear a ruck? Why can’t they create, identify and attack space on a rugby pitch? These are more pertinent questions than ‘did Mike Tindall go on to another bar?’. Who cares about that? I know I don’t.


Neil Welch

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