Trying something new

I had my first double macchiato this morning. I ventured away from my usual americano to see what all the fuss was about and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised…doesn’t last as long though. Maybe that’s a good thing depending on the company I guess. However this morning it was accompanied with some good S&C chat and a challenge set to write a blog around the macchiato. So hence about trying something new.

I think this is a very tough thing to get right as a coach. The S&C community is a very active and open one which is a hugely positive thing, but it means there are a million and one training ideas floating around and it’s almost a daily occurrence stumbling upon something that you like the look of. So how do you introduce your new protocols? What are your criteria for inclusion? Do you have a probation period? I’m going to open this up to the audience so please add comments below, but some of my (fairly basic) ideas around this are;

  • I have to try it and like it
  • It has to do something as good as or better than something I already do
  • It has to be logistically plausible
  • It has to have some kind of progression of fit in with other progressions


Neil Welch

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