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In the few days a week I work at Profeet in┬átheir running lab analysing people’s gait and I’ve been noticing something recently, picking up a few patterns. The ability of a high proportion of people to stabilise the hip joint while running, even at very slow speeds, is pretty poor. In essence Trendelenburg gait is frighteningly commonplace.

In reaction to a stance leg glute med weakness you see a hip drop on the swing side, this is either with a good upper body alignment or coupled with an upper body lean over the stance leg to lever the swing side up. In either case, it needs some work. Plenty of activation work and improvement of awareness are needed to help with this, even just to train the movements. For example, doing hip hikes incorrectly could exacerbate the problem rather than make it better.

The tough thing is that you might not know you’re doing it. It’s difficult to pick up with the naked eye while watching people run, this is one reason why I like gait analysis as a movement screen, you can pick lots more with a slowed down video.

Neil Welch

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