Marathon; more than running

We’re about 7-8 weeks out from the marathon and this is where it gets tricky. This is where the weeks of training, and by training I mean miles upon miles of steady state road running, bare fruit. Unfortunately though, the fruit tastes crap, and comes in the form of injury.

The lack of any attention being paid to improving technique or increasing strength and range of motion necessary to run injury free is a big mistake. So now the system has reached it’s threshold and injury has occurred. This far out from the event panic will set in. There isn’t lots of time to rehab, sponsorships have been collected and anyone who’ll listen has been told that the marathon is being done.

So then, advice. Be pragmatic. If you’re injured, see a physio and listen to what they have to say, do the rehab and tow the line. If you can, identify the likely mechanism of the injury and address it with the necessary strength and flexibility work. Look into injury management strategies for the day such as taping that might help you. You might not get round in your target time, but at least you’ll get round. Learn the lessons. If you embark on this again, get some help from someone who knows how to train and what to look at to reduce the likelihood of injuring again.

Neil Welch

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