Internship season

Looking through the jobs list on the UKsport website it’s easy to tell that it’s strength and conditioning internship season. There are a glut of football league clubs advertising for full time unpaid interns for help throughout pre-season. Funds must be tight at these clubs to not even offer expenses in return for 35 hours + work a week, either that or a lack of respect for the field. That snipe aside, I think this could be the start of a shift in S&C in the UK.

It makes no sense for every football, rugby and cricket club to invest hundreds of thousands of pounds into gym equipment and space for a, what, absolute maximum of 5 weights sessions per week at the busiest time of the season. I see a shift to an outsourcing of S&C provision as a much better option. A number S&C centric gyms exist around the country with much better facilities than the majority of clubs and individuals can afford or design themselves, and this number will grow.

The opportunity for these gyms to offer and allow general public to see and train alongside professional athletes using similar methods would be a relatively easy sell I think. I wouldn’t be surprised if a gym chain with a bit of financial clout looks at this as an opportunity, perhaps a Virgin perform gym popping up. In any case, the club outsources the S&C, if they’re not happy with the service, they don’t renew the contract. No hiring or firing issues and revolving door of back room staff. No investment in equipment needed. Good quality S&C for their teams when they need it, paying for the contact and planning time and no more.

Neil Welch

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