Teamwork in sports medicine

This is my first post in a little while and I’ve had a few changes in circumstance since my last one. I’ve relocated to Dublin and have started work at the Sports Surgery Clinic in the North of the city. The sports medicine department contains sports physicians, physiotherapists, biomechanists and, now, an S&C coach. The facilities at our disposal are superb, we have a 3D biomechanics lab and performance gym housing power racks, lifting platforms, artificial turf area, dumbbells, barbells etc. But it’s not the facilities that I’m most impressed by, it’s the environment.

I’m only 3 weeks into the role but I’ve already picked up so much from working with the staff here. Sharing ideas, discussing research¬†and comparing coaching technique happens daily. Everyone works hard to deliver the best possible outcomes to the athletes and patients who seek our help. This all happens alongside a large research program which is what I’ll be working on during my PhD. The physios here do a brilliant job and over the next week they’ll be moving into the gym where I can work with them on further developing the link between their work and S&C.




Neil Welch

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