Using video feedback in coaching

I’ve been using dartfish for video analysis a lot in my day to day coaching over the last few months. It’s an incredibly useful tool for a number of reasons. When I need to coach a relatively large number of movements in a short period of time and ensure that someone remembers the key elements of that movement I video them. I commentate over the top of the video the key elements then post them for that person to see. It’s very effective and I get lots of feedback saying just that plus the quality of retention in the movements is quite impressive as a result. The athlete can also download the videos and take them to the gym with them and watch as a reminder as they go.

Within sessions, using it for feedback is also effective. Firstly so the athlete can put pictures to my words. While I may think my cues feedback to the athlete are clear, that isn’t always the case and they won’t always say so. Viewing the movement together with a verbal summary helps both parties to gain clarity. We’re lucky enough to have apple tv in the gym at the Sports Surgery Clinic so I run example clips on the big screens to do this when there are groups in training.

The other way I like to use video is for the athlete to review themselves, ideally a couple of reps or movements with differences in quality. I find this helps to create context for athlete and improve their ability to detect and correct flaws. I couple this with some purposeful poor reps to allow the athlete to feel the difference between the movements as well as to see them.

Neil Welch

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