Quick thought from Mike Boyle

I spent last Saturday at the NADA gym in Blanchardstown to see Mike Boyle talk where he was invited by the guys at the Irish Sports Coaches Institute. Before I go on I want to say congratulations and thank you to the guys at the ISCI and NADA who organised the day and welcomed everyone to their facility, you all did a great job!!

Mike Boyle is a huge name in our field and I felt the opportunity to see him speak was one I shouldn’t pass on. If you follow his podcasts and have read his book, you’d recognise a lot of what he had to say. While he covered his programming and exercise selection (including the ‘no squatting’ debate) it wasn’t this that I took the greatest amount from.

What I enjoyed most was the thought process that has brought and brings him to his conclusions. I didn’t find myself agreeing with everything he said and I wasn’t convinced by the presentation of evidence and reasoning surrounding bilateral deficit and behind why and when he foam rolls and stretches. His apparent ability to step back and remove allegiances to certain exercises, methods and philosophies is one he has developed throughout his career. He said that doing things because everyone has alway done it is not a good reason to do them and I agree with him.

He is often seen as a controversial figure and while there’s probably an element of courting controversy for some marketing/publicity (perhaps I’m being a little cynical), at least he’s challenging people to think critically about how and why they program and coach the way they do.

Neil Welch

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